YUMMI T7000 - Green Plum T

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Product Name: YUMMI T7000

Product Type: Disposables

Puffs Count: Up to 7000

Nicotine: 20mg/ml

Liquid Capacity: 14ml

Coil Type: Dual Mesh

Battery: 550mAh Disposable


Green Plum T

Lastly, we have Green Plum Tea, a rarity in the vape world. For seasoned connoisseurs, this is an adventure worth undertaking. The sweet and sour notes of green plums meld seamlessly with the slight bitterness of green tea. One puff and you'll forget that green tea was ever considered bitter. The sourness beautifully balances out the tea's bitterness, leaving only the delightful fusion of fruit and green tea aroma.