YUMMI T7000 - Green Mandarin Puer


Product Name: YUMMI T7000

Product Type: Disposables

Puffs Count: Up to 7000

Nicotine: 20mg/ml

Liquid Capacity: 14ml

Coil Type: Dual Mesh

Battery: 550mAh Disposable


Green Mandarin Puer

Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of Green Mandarin Puer vape, where the zesty freshness of green mandarin meets the deep, earthy notes of aged Puer tea. This vape flavor embodies the essence of green mandarin, bursting with vibrant citrus notes that awaken the senses, seamlessly infused with the rich, fermented undertones of Puer tea for a flavor that is both invigorating and grounding. Each draw delivers a unique taste experience, blending the bright, tangy sweetness of mandarin with the complex, mellow smoothness of Puer, evoking the sensation of a tranquil tea ceremony. Perfect for those who appreciate the intricate balance of flavors, Green Mandarin Puer vape offers a sophisticated and refreshing journey with every puff.